Hello. We are Amigo adventures, a small travel company based in Alicante, Spain.
We are running and developing trekking and road bike trips in the Costa Blanca.

Our most recent trips

Road cycling in Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca has over 300 days of sunshine per year and a really mild warm weather (17ºC-18ºC average a year). This area and specially Marina Baixa and Marina Alta (where we will do our cycling) keep all the charm with its small villages and old traditional farming and also have all the appealing of the warm and sunny Mediterranean sea.

100% Mediterranean essence and flavor. Being the second most mountainous province in Spain and having an amazing net of local and secondary quite roads, is a paradise for any kind of clyclist, from pure amateur to pros.
Read more....

Trekking in the Marina Baixa

Here in the Costa Blanca the beaches of Benidorm has defined a certain type of tourism, but don’t get wrong, just behind the coast there is a mountains scape that will surprise even the most experience trekker. This north part of the Baetic Cordillera which is mainly limestone gives this area and its mountains its archaic and serrated aspect. A playground of crags, cliffs, crests, ridges, gullies, gorges, pinnacles and peaks that create a unique landscape. Having an amazing net of paths and mule tracks, some of them built on Moorish times, is a paradise for trekking. Its rugged grandeur, wide spectacular vistas and its secret corners will enchant anybody that will overcome prejudices about the Costa-Blanca. Read more....

Trek around the Sierra Bernia Dragon Crest

This walk will take us around the Bernia range crossing this spectacular serrated mountain by the incredible 'El Forat', a tunnel carved in the rock that conect both sides of the mountains. A wonderful walk that will allow us to see the fertile Guadalest valley on the south and the Xalo valley on the north, and all of it with the constant background of the sea on the east side.

One of the best treks in the Costa Blanca, 100% Mediterranean flavor.
We will stop in a traditional countryside restaurant where luch is included. Read more....

Ridge walking on the Aitana Range

This hike will take us to explore the heart of Aitana Range. The easy scrambling of 'Pas de la Rabosa' and the ridge walking on the east side of the range make this walk unforgettable. We will see also snow wells, a remembrance of the prosperous commerce of ice on the XVI -IX centuries period, three of the most recognized fountains for the quality of their water, Font de la Forata, Font del' Anouer and Font de Partagas and a wide variety of the most characteristic Mediterranean flora.
A superb walk with impresive views. A late lunch after the trek in a traditional restaurant is also included. Read more....

Gastro-trek in Xaló, Alicante

This experience begins with an easy hike around Xaló. We will admire its wide fertile valley full of vineyards that give life to the renowned local wines. We may try them in one of the winecellars before finishing our route and start a small traditional cuisine workshop where our chef will explain to us how some of the most typical dishes of the region are prepared.
We will participate in its preparations and we will eat them once prepared. An experience 100% local, Mediterranean, tasty and fun. Read more....

Gravity Enduro. Trail riding the High Atlas Mountains

This trip through the Atlas Mountains is a must for any avid rider searching for great riding and new experiences in an exotic location like no other. Exceptional trails that will allow you to discover this wonderful country and the legendary hospitality of the Berber people. 4x4 transfers take us to the trail head to maximize as much as possible riding on cherry picked single-tracks which connect a multitude of beautiful Berber villages. At the end of the stages we will stay overnight at the famous gites, family run mountains hostels brimming with authentic local atmosphere. A life experience, way more than just biking. Read more....

Amigo means "friend" in spanish

...and that simple word sums up what is most dear to us. Since we started out we have gained many more friends than clients and that continues to be our ambition. We are not a big tour company so our clients do not become mere passenger numbers and easily turn into friends. That is why so many come back time and time again. Here at AA, we consider ourselves fortunate to be in this business, being able to do what we love. This is our greatest asset.

With AA you get close and personal contact with your trip guide and planner for truly personalised journeys.

The adventure blog

We are turning local in this wonderful place, Altea


Yes, we are turning local. After many years wondering around this amazing world I got to this stage where I want to settle down a bit. Finally my partner and I decided to base ourselves in this wonderful place, Altea. Two years since we arrive here, the longest time we have been living in the same place in the last eight. So it seems we a doing good holding ourselves from a new move.

This place is a big boy playground, so it fits me. Awesome rugged landscape, wonderful trails for trekking and biking, an special kind of bright light and incredible sunrises over the sea I can see from my window, even though I don’t see them that often to be sincere, I love my cozy bed. Read More

One week trek/road bike trips in the amaizing and unspoil Marina Baixa and Alta in the Costa Blanca. Alicante

cycling costa blanca

Why the Costa Blanca?

Alicante, specially Marina Baixa and Marina Alta, where we do our trek and rides, keep all the charm with its small villages and old traditional farming and also have all the appealing of the warm and sunny Mediterranean Sea. 100% Mediterranean essence and flavor with its more than 300 days of sunshine per year and a really mild warm weather (17ºC-18ºC average a year).

Our trips has the advantage of sharing the better of the two worlds: the mountains and traditional way of living of Alicante and the best of its Costa Blanca.

So why come to here for trekking and biking? Read More

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